Our services

Amicable debt collection:
Amicable debt collection is the most efficient way to collect a claim. This process usually consists of sending a legal notice, dunning letters and by using telephone negotiation. We take into account the relationship between you and your customer: EULAN offers tailor made solutions, per client, per country.

Judicial proceedings:
If out of court settlement is not possible, legal proceedings might be necessary to continue collection. There are several possibilities for legal collection of the claim. What is the best solution? What is the best approach? In consultation with the client we receive the best result.

At this stage EULAN will also give the appropriate advice; when necessary we will do a risk analysis on the matter. In case of legal proceedings it might be necessary to consult a lawyer. We prefer to consult lawyers employed by our local partners.

Enforcement is one of the main activities of EULAN. Through our local partners we have access to a network of local enforcement agents. This enables us to work fast and efficient. Moreover, we benefit from their knowledge of the debtors and their payment behaviour: they know how a judgment can best be enforced.

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